Your skin is your largest organ. It’s a reflection of what’s going on inside your body. You can literally get a glimpse of someone’s health—by looking at their skin, and it’s the organ we’re most self-conscious of.

Take a moment to look at the ingredients list of what you have in your bathroom and kitchen. Everyday we are putting things on our skin and into our bodies that contain damaging chemicals. The average woman applies over 300 chemicals to her body a day, just through soaps, makeup, and shampoos and hair care products. Around 100 of those chemicals are before you eat breakfast!


Health risk experts just concluded reviews that mainstream cosmetics and personal hygiene products pose the highest cancer risk to the general public—higher then smoking.

A great book to check out is “Toxic Beauty” by Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD

He said we’re playing Russian Roulette by the skin products we put on ourselves and our kids every single day. There are over 80,000 manmade chemicals known to be in use by millions of people worldwide. While some governing bodies say they are safe, there’s a growing body of scientific evidence that shows otherwise.


This is a quote from the book Beauty and Body Care: “Everything we breathe, drink, eat, or apply to our skin is absorbed by our bodies. Every body system is compromised in same day and has to work harder, when a substance is toxic.”

A national study on chemical exposure called “Is It In Us” revealed phalates, BPA, and PBDE’s were found in blood samples of EVERY PERSON who took part in the study.


Less than 100 years ago, man-made synthetic chemicals were used sparingly and cautiously—now, they surround us. We have adopted alcohols, chlorines, detergents, emulsifyers, synthetic fragrances and dyes, heavy metals, pesticides and fungicides, petrochemicals, preservatives, and drugs as an everyday necessity.

There are 3 classifications given to chemicals, hormones disruptors, carcinogenic (causes cancer) or cumulative, meaning over time they accumulate as toxic buildup in the body.

What we put on our skin affects our health—more then what we put in our mouth. If you can’t eat it, don’t rub it on your skin. Skin is an organ too!


There are so many natural of skincare companies you could go with, why Young Living’s personal care systems? Well first, they have a tradition of what we like to call beyond organic. This means they always go beyond the regular standard set forth for a product to be considered ‘pure’. Their products are all essential oil-infused. So not only do you get the benefit of an incredible ingredients list—but it’s all infused with the most powerful essential oils on the face of the earth.

Young Living’s facial care products contain orchids. Orchids? These little beauties help support sexual health! The type of orchid YL uses is Phalaenopsis. You also double the effect of hydration when you use orchids. Did you know vanilla is a type of orchid plant? Ancient cultures knew its benefits, in India it was nutritional drink. In Europe it was used for muscle tension. Vanilla Orchids also reduce the appearance of fine lines, and are deeply moisturizing.

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